raw hardcore from italy


Hey. It’s about two month we don’t write anything in here. Probably we didn’t have much to say. “Less words more actions” would say someone, and we totally agree.

So now it’s February 2012, the world will end in ten months (fuck this bullshit!) and we are excited about our future as a band.

We are going to support Beartrap (usa) and Witch Cult on their show in Padova on 12th of March. It’s a Monday, but damn you have to come! It will be fuckin’ insane!                           www.facebook.com/events/335067259858446/

And we will play at one of the biggest HxC Fest in Italy on 24th of March in Bolzano. Bane, More Than Life, Rotting Out, Cruel Hand, Goodtime Boys, Daylight, Go Back Home, Crop Circles, Storm(O) and other bands. The line up is incredible. See you in the pit!                                               www.facebook.com/events/134189136693418/

From 11th to 20th of May we will hit the European road again with Crop Circles. This time we will cross the sea and play in the Uk for 4 shows. If you are from Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Uk, keep updated, in some weeks we will announce the whole tour.

We are going to re-release our last ep on tapes for the tour and in June we are going to release a new 7″ that will be followed by another tour between July and August.

Can’t wait to see all of you and party together.



with Congegno

next weekend we will play two shows with leo’s other band Congegno.

come and party with us!!!

saturday 17th  december @ c.s. 28 maggio (rovato)                                                                             w/ Congegno, Slaughter in the vatican, Arteria

sunday 18th december @ spazio anteprima (saronno)                                                                         w/ Congegno, Ofu, Underneath your empty ways                                                            and…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO!!

02.12.11 @ C.S. MAGAZZINO 47 (Brescia) w/ Raindance (USA) & The Smashrooms

next show!!!!

Can’t wait to be on stage again. On Friday 2nd of December we are going to play at Magazzino 47 (Brescia) with RAINDANCE (ex Outrage) and our friends THE SMASHROOMS!!!

we are completely stoked. thanks to Gab and Epidemic Records.







Berchtesgaden (Germany)- Kuckucksnest

As always we left with a delay of more than an hour. But the main

thing is that we left. We are on our first tour with our mates CROP CIRCLES.

Our (and Crop) guitar player Piff can’t believe it. We are so excited. Biggest van ever…there are 7 of us in a 9-seat van. It’s too comfortable. Luca (Crop singer) drove all the way from Trento up to the German mountains. We arrived at the venue around 8, when the show was starting.

Fuck Italians, we’re always late.

We ate vegetables with bread. I sold almost all my “God Free Youth” patches. I knew I would have to print more. Then (at 9.30) it was our turn to play. Our first show out of Italy was great! I love mosh parts. German people love it too. Awesome! After 15 min. our set was finish. It’s Attrito time! Our friends played really well, like every show. Bravi!

After them Crop Circles played. Everytime I see them live, I think they’re the best band in Italy. It’s a pleasure to be on tour with them. ❤ The crowd moved a lot. Stage diving, mosh, two step. Great show.

Now it’s time to party. We went to a parking lot and drank beers. Slavio skated. We visited Konigsee, Hitler’s lake (he had a houseboat on the lake, ahahahah. Fuck him!).

After some more beers we went sleeping at Dennis’s place. First night on tour was great.

We slept in beds. Thanks to Dennis and Roman (Lee Spielman wants to thank you too).

So comfortable. Now we take showers. Eat breakfast and we are ready to leave. Heuchlingen,

we’re on our way!

Slavio’s rate: 7

ATTRITO: www.facebook.com/attritohc


Heuchlingen/Gerstetten (Germany) – Schickler

Alles zu Geburtstag Hannes!!!! We were stuck in a traffic jam for three hours on the

highway. We were only 50 km from our best German friend Hannes.When we arrived at

Schickler the show had to start, but all the bands were late. So the show began with more than 2 hours delay.

There were too many bands (I think 9). I can’t remember all of them. The best band was Entrapped. They play some fastcore with some oldschool parts. I loved them. Bracewar cover was great.

After them, some other bands played.

Our friends in Empty Handed were fuckin’ awesome and really cool guys.

After them we had to change the backline. Fuck!!! It was midnight and we had to bring all our stuff up on the second floor where the venue was.

We were a bit upset ‘cause Billy The Kid (the headliner from Costa Rica) tried to play before us without even asking the promoter or us if it was okay. Finally we “won the battle” and played our short and fast set. We had to be really fast, and of course we didn’t have any problem with it.

Fast sets are the best. Crowd moved and we had a lot of fun. We always have fun. People liked the show and we were really happy about that.

After us a German screamo band called Facing The Swarm Through played; they were not bad at all. It’s about 1.30 in the morning, two bands left and the venue had to close at 1 am. Crop Circles are next. They have to play a really short show. Only a few songs but as always they kicked fuckin’ ass. They are getting better and better.

Finally its Billy The Kid’s turn. They are the “big” guest for the show. They should have had a day off on this date but Hannes let them play at his birthday bash. I don’t know exactly how long they played. Billy the Kid were good a bit too tough for me, but cool.

After their set we had time to put all our stuff in the van and go to Hannes’ place to sleep.

Now he lives alone with some friends, not with his mother anymore. But his room is the same as his old room. What a shitty smell. What a fuckin mess. Ahahahahah.

I checked the internet and I got the best news ever. We are going to play in Budapest. It will be crazy. So, no day off. We will play at the release party of Human Error from Budapest. It’s going to be rad.

I hid in my sleeping bag and slept some hours before leaving again, destination Berlin.

We have a new crew member in our fleet. Hannes will tour with us some shows, maybe the whole tour. We will have a lot of fun.

See ya!

Slavio’s rate: 6,5

ENTRAPPED: www.facebook.com/Entrapped

EMPTY HANDED: www.facebook.com/emptyhandedhc


Berlin (Germany)- Koma F (Koepi)

We arrived in Berlin at 7.30 pm. I was in Berlin for 3 weeks in June and I’m stoked to be here again.

We are going to play in the little basement (Koma F)in one of the biggest squat I’ve ever been (Koepi).

When we arrived, the guys from The Conflitto from La Spezia (Italy) were already there.

We’ve never met before so we talked a little about our tours. Marco, an italian guy that lives in

Berlin, cooked a lot of vegan pizzas with soy cheese for us. It was really good. We loved the food so much. We started drinking beers and after a while Attrito arrived. The party had to start! Koma F is really small and this is great but we didn’t have much space for our distros.

Anyway we managed with that…we are so good in playing tetris.

First band on schedule were Score To Zero from Berlin. I didn’t like them and I was really tired so I went to sleep in the van. I’m getting old. I slept so well and I missed the whole Crop Circles set. Fuck me! I woke up and Attrito started to play. As always they played really well.

After them was time for us to play. I was tired and a bit voiceless, my throat hurt, but the show was really good. We were so excited and it seemed like people loved our music. If not, we don’t give a fuck!

After the show we drank a lot of beers and smoked some weed. I was so stoned. Ahahahah.

We had to sleep with Attrito guys in the band room at Koepi. We got the keys to the room and had a great party there. Slavio put on his mp3 with some hip hop music. I was so stoned that I didn’t have the energy to load the van. Everyone was drunk and after a great LIR/CROP/ATTRITO party we went to sleep. It was 6am and we really had too much fun all together. We had a lot of space in the so called “band’s room”‘cause guys of The Conflitto didn’t want to sleep in the room. I can’t understand why, but it was better for us.

At 12.30 we woke up and went with our friends in Attrito to eat some vegan shit at YoYo, best

vegan fast food in Berlin. I ate a calamari wrap, a seitan cheese burger, and a bacon cheese burger.

I’m a fat guy! Now we are on the way to Liberec (Czech Rep.).

We are one hour late as always. This is the italian way. Pizza, maccheroni, mafia and delay.

Slavio’s rate: 8


Liberec (Czech Rep.) – Azyl

I’m writing this report on the way from Prague to Budapest. We arrived in Liberec around 8.30 pm,

more than one hour late. No problem. We had time to eat some soy gulasch (really good!!) and something similar to a potatoes omelette (vegan of course).

We are really lucky, till now we had great dinner. As you can understand the main thing for me on this tour is eat, eat and eat!! Luke the promoter is a young crust guy who told me it was his first show.

He never booked a show before, but he managed it really well. First band to play was a young, local d-beat band (I can’t remember the name). They played a Discharge cover and Piff was excited about that…ahahahah.

After them we played our short set with Lir. We enjoyed it so much, not many people but everyone in the room was moving and dancing. I was a bit voiceless, but no one cared about that.

There was this old hippie man probably destroyed by drugs that was lying on the floor in front of the stage. I almost trip over his body a couple of time. But he was really funny, a bit annoying, but funny. We didn’t expect a great show; it was monday in a little city in the middle of nowhere.

It was fuckin’ sick!

Crop Circles show was amazing. Yuri made some mistakes on their final song, the Negative Approach cover. After the show we drank beers, smoked weed, talked to some local guys. JOked about the old hippy.

We slept in the venue really well. We have 6 shows more. It’s amazing to be on tour!


Praha (Czech Rep.) – Discentrum

The way from Liberec to Praha was short. Only 120 km. So we arrived in Praha early, we searched for the venue, and then we went to the city center. We had some problems finding a parking space ‘cause most were reserved and our van was huge. We were really hungry and went to eat in this vegan restaurant called Loving Hut.

There are a lot of vegan dishes with faux meat and fish. I ate prawns as an appetizer, so tasty. I loved them. Then I took meat fillet with rice, it was good but I thought it could have been better. Anyway I spent less than 10 euros and I was too full. Everyone’s hunger has been satisfied. We walked a lot. We didn’t go to the old center ‘cause we were too far from it. But we enjoyed the city anyway. We found a supermarket and we bought a lot of beers!

I was in Praha last July and I loved it. It’s always great to visit in such a beautiful town like Praha.

We came back to Discentrum. It is something similar to a squat, but I talked with a guy (Micheal) that lives there, and he told me that they have to pay a rental of 20.000 Kc (something around 800 euros) every month.

He told me that they can’t afford it, so in a few weeks they have to leave it and squat another place.

Anyway Discentrum is a really cool venue. It has no houses around, only big warehouses, so no problems with noise.

There was an internet connection so we could surf a bit, and I could talk a bit with my love Silvia on facebook and check the email. The show started around 9.30 pm. First band played powerviolence. I can’t remember the name, but both the guitar player and the drummer (yeah, they were a duo) play in Sheevayoga too. Piff loved them.

He told me that he was happy because it was the first good band we played with on this tour. This was his opinion, not mine. I think that on Hannes’ birthday show there were some cool bands too. Anyway, the first band played a really fast, short set (10 min). Great! After them Sheevayoga played. I heard their name already; they played in Italy in September with Gride. They were powerviolence too. Really cool. Crowd started to move and the room was full. Crop Circles were next. It was the first show we played on a big stage.

The sound was perfect. Our best friends played so fuckin good. Every show they are better. People were totally into their fast and raw music.

After Crop was our turn. We were the headliner. I think it was our best show till now. I had so much fun. Hannes sang ‘What the fuck’ with me. Happy birthday Hannes (we decided that till the

end of the tour everyday is gonna be his birthday). He was really cool. Wait in Vain, our last song, was a success as every show. I was in the right mood and enjoyed too much!

People asked us for one more song, so we decided to play Redemption Song again. Awesome!!! Best show.

After that was beers, rum, weed time. We are wasted youth. Micheal, Luca and I slept in the van, the others in Discentrum.

In the middle of the night while we were sleeping Yuri came and woke us up, ‘cause he wanted something from the van.

Fuck him! He was fuckin drunk and annoying. Apart from this we slept really well. Piff, Slavio, Leo, Yuri and Hannes drank a bottle of rum and Yuri got bitten by a dog. I think they had a great party last night. Yuri has been branded and now he has ‘LIR’ written on his leg. I don’t think he’ll forget this night.

At 9.30 pm we woke up. Today we play in Budapest at Szabad az A at Human Error’s release parrty. We are so excited.

Can’t wait. Luca is driving. We still have 4 hours to Budapest and everyone apart from me and Luca is sleeping. Today the weather is cloudy and there’s a fresh air.

SHEEVA YOGA: sheevayoga.czechcore.cz/

PUNGELKNABE: bandzone.cz/prugelknabe


Budapest (Hungary) – Szabad az A

After a long drive we arrived in Budapest. We had the chance to pass with the van through the city center. Budapest seems to be really beautiful, maybe one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Unfortunately didn’t have time to visit much.

Anyway around 6 o’clock we arrived at Elliot’s place. Elliot is the guitar player of Rivers Run Dry, a great band from Budapest that we booked in Trento on their last european tour with Tyrannicide from Holland.

Elliot and Laci (the other guitar player) helped us with a last minute show. In reality we just got added to another show with some bands from Hungary: Human Error (Dr. Slayer, the ex-bass player of RRD plays in this band and it was their release party), Dance Or Die (if I remember right, we played together at Fast Fest in La Spezia some moths ago), Icaro.

When we arrived at Elliot place, he was cooking together with his girlfriend, Laci and another friend. The carrots soup, rice with soy stew and mixed salad was something regenerating and so healthy for our stomachs. We felt at home, they were so kind. They have a little dog called Lulu that played with us, so lovely.

We arrived at the venue around 8 pm. Szabad az A has a court with a bar full of young people. The room where we played was downstairs. It is a long and thin basement with a little stage at the bottom. We love this kind of venue.

While the other bands were playing, especially Human Error, the crowd was moving and singing.

After them, its our turn to play, we are 4th on the schedule and around 10.45 pm we should start but Piff had some problems.

He didn’t know if it was the guitar, the head, or the cab, but something didn’t work. Finally he played with Slavio’s head and with his second guitar (worst guitar on earth!!!). Honestly the sound was shitty as hell, it played like a piece of iron.

Anyway the show was cool and people seemed to appreciate it. There were people dancing and I enjoyed it so much.

When we ended our short set, the crowd asked for one more song, so we played Redemption Song again.

This last song was great, everyone was moving and dancing, crowd surfing.

So in the end, the show was great. We really didn’t expect this.

Crop Circles played after us and of course their show was amazing. People loved their music (how couldn’t they?). Stage diving,

moshing, and someone tried to build a human pyramid. It was so funny.

They played two more songs, and for the first time, Yuri played the Negative Approach cover without any mistakes. Well done!

After the show, Elliot came and gave me some money as a deal. We had to play for free but they collected some money for us, they asked for something like a benefit for this ugly italian guys. We love them!

We couldn’t hope for something better than this. We went back to Elliot’s place, I took a shower (I’ve never dreamt for a shower more than in these last days), and I layed on a real bed. One of the best nights till now. No one was drunk, for the first time

we looked like serious people. This morning we woke up at 7.30 am, we had a great breakfast (tea,orange juice, bred with jam or home made vegetable paté) and at 9 pm we were already in the van. Now we are on the way to Serbia, we are a bit upset ‘cause there could be problems at the border. But we are positive about that. Hope dies last.

RIVERS RUN DRY: riversrundry.bandcamp.com/

TYRANNICIDE: tyrannicide.noblogs.org/
HUMAN ERROR: www.facebook.com/pages/Human-Error/163676887023515

DANCE OR DIE: www.facebook.com/pages/Dance-Or-Die/179801475380988


Serbia?? NO!!! Fuck borders!!! Somewhere lost in Hungary – Munich (Germany)

So we we drove to the border of Serbia. We were a bit scared because someone told us that, at the border, police might give us problems for the backline. So we organized everything in the van. We hide some mone, it’s better to show that you are poor!

Of course we had problems, but with the van documents, not the backline. The guy that rented us the van gave us the van without the fuckin booklet and this was a big problem. There were no chances to enter in Serbia! Fuck!!! Fuck borders!

We were lost somewhere in Hungary and we didn’t know what to do. On the road we stop at a supermarket and Michael bought his new peacoat!!!!(You will read more about it in the next lines.ahahah). We decided to go back to Budapest and party all night long, but when we arrived we were too demoralized, and no one wanted to party. We were tired and depressed. Then we closed in a cyber cafe and started to contact all the people who could help us with a date in Austria or in the south of Germany. No positive response. So we decided to get closer to Germany where we had

more chances to play the next days. So in the middle of the night, Luca and Leo drove to Vienna. Everyone slept in the van.

It was cold and we were all uncomfortable. The morning after we woke up and it was bad weather, it rained and was freezing.

It was Friday 7 October and we absolutely had to find a concert for the evening. We scrounged the internet at Starbucks (fuck it!!) and we started to write emails, contact people on facebook, check all the events…and finally we found what we were serching for.

There was this concert in Monaco at Kafe Marat with Power, Snob Value and Dulac. We decided to go to the concert and ask if we could play.

We were desperate. But we had a last thread of hope. You would not believe it…the promoter of the show at Kafe Marat let us play!

It was crazy! We were so excited and couldn’t believe it.

The room was on the second floor of a building. The inside was full of graffiti and concert flyers, stickers and written of all kinds, it looked like a squat. But it was a cafe, something impossible to find in Italy.

The room where we played was quite large, but it was full.

We were offered dinner: German people learn us how to cook a perfect pasta! Probably it was one of the best pasta ever eaten in my life.

The hospitality was more than generous. Thanks so much to all the guys involved in it.

Crop Circles opened the show. I liked a lot. People had amused faces, and some even tried to move.

Then was our time! We made a stage-change record, after 5 minutes we were already playing. In the beginning there were less people than our brothers but after a while the room was almost filled. We had so much fun. I know I’m a bit repetitive, but I’m writing about playing shows and having fun.

Tour life is repetitive: playing shows, drinking beers, eating veggie shit and having party as much as possible.

After our concert we gave ourselves to beer. I was totally drunk and I enjoyed everything so much. I wanted to go party.

Someone told me that there was big dubstep party somewhere in Munich. I hate dubstep, but that was the right night to dance.

Anyway, most of us were really tired, and we were only 3 hours away from home, so we decided to go back to Trento.

We had to say goodbye to Hannes. Our best friend. We were so sad about that. We love him so much. He gave me his Gold Kids t-shirt as a present, it was so kind. Big hugs and some last pictures with him and we were on the way home.

Fuck! Luca drove the entire trip. At 6 in the morning I was in my bed. Good night!

POWER: www.facebook.com/powerofpower

DULAC: www.facebook.com/pages/Dulac/153534988049597


Casalmaggiore (Italy) – Pub Fuori Porta

On Saturday, we were supposed to play in Croatia, but we couldn’t enter at the Croatian border either, so we had the chance to play in Casalmaggiore together with our friends in Xzio Fasterx and Barn Burner.

We have to be really thankful because everyone was really kind with us on this tour, we’ve been really lucky. That night we opened the show, it has been the worst gig on the tour. We played in front of 10 people (they were mostly from the other bands).

But honestly, I had a lot of fun. Probably one of the most stupid show ever. We didn’t care about the music and the crowd, we were just playing for fun and acting like idiots. Ahahah. In a few days I’ll post some videos. Anyway, our show was a shitty one.

After us, Crop ‘s set wasn’t much better than our. Coming back to Italy is always a bad experience… it’s not true, everyone was really kind (thanks Faso, Pulce, Exel, Igor). After Crop, a metal band played. What the fuck! Worst band on this tour.

Zio Faster were funny, but I only saw 2 songs, I was really tired. Barn Burner were amazing. Wall of distorted guitars, great rockin’ riffs, so good. I loved them. (I saw Barn Burner more than a year ago when Crop Circles played with them near Bolzano).Oh I forgot to say on these last

two shows, Costa (our former driver) came with us. So we didn’t have to drive on these last two gigs, and everyone could drink themselves to death.

Afterwards, the owner of the pub put on some ska tunes and we danced like stupids.

That night we slept at Exel’s place in Parma. Better to say that 4 of us slept at her place, the other 4 (I was one of the losers) slept in the van. One of the most uncomfortable nights on the tour.

BARN BURNER: www.facebook.com/theinfamousbarnburner

xZIO FASTERx: www.facebook.com/pages/XZIO-FASTERx/189990124350192


Sandrigo (Italy) – Bar Company

It was Sunday and we forgot to go to mass. How could we? I don’t think god will forgive us.

We had a great lunch with Exel. For a few hours, we squatted her home. Sorry Exel, for being such invaders… Thank you so much for everything.

When we arrived in Sandrigo, we were excited (our last show on this tour) and really sad at the same time. We didn’t want to go back home, real life sucks!! Anyway, this should be a matineee show. I love these kind of shows. There were some problems with the PA and the mixer, so we started a bit later. At 8 o’clock LIR were on floor (stage). Our last show ended with a big pile

on me. The promoter (Yuri) is a really huge guy and he jumped on us… I smashed my head off the floor. Ahahah. Piff was so excited about that he left the guitar and jumped too on the pile of kids.

The show was great, everyone enjoyed it and we had so much fun (yeah we had always fun…). Crop played so fuckin good. Their amp pumped so hard that everyone in the room was captured by their sound. Well done. After the show we exchanged some words with some local guys and girls,

then we left. Everything was finished. Around 2 am I was in my bed. I slept so well.

Unfortunately the day after we had to go to Bologna to give the van back to Koppa.

I want to go on tour every month. I want my own van. I want have so much fun every day. Fuck!

See you on the road again as soon as possible.

Is end of October. We came back some weeks ago, I’m in Rome right now. After the tour we didn’t practice anymore, we won’t play shows ‘till December and I really miss tour life. I miss my band’s mates, I miss being on a stage (or on a floor), I miss losing my voice, I miss all the great people I’ve met on the road. Hope to hit the road soon again and meet you all!

hey ya!

on sunday we came back from our european tour. it was amazing. in a few days I’ll post the whole tour report. we had so much fun…thanks to everyone.


in two days we are going on our first European Tour. our best friends in CROP CIRCLES (www.facebook.com/pages/CROP-CIRCLES/118680918873 best fastcore band in italy, check them!) are sharing this experience with us.

10 days, 9 show all around Germany and East Europe…we are so excited and stoked!

can’t wait to leave, visit new cities, see new panoramas, meet old and new friends, drive thousands miles, play shitty shows, play great shows, eat a lot of vegan food, drink a lot of beers, smoke weed, party every night.


30.09 GERMANY – Berchtesgaden w/ Attrito


01.10 GERMANY – Heuchlingen

02.10 GERMANY – Berlin w/ Attrito

03.10 CZECH REPUBLIC – Liberec

04.10 CZECH REPUBLIC – Praha

05.10 AUSTRIA/HUNGARY/SLOVAKIA please help us!!!

06.10 SERBIA – Kragujevac

07.10 SERBIA – Belgrade

08.10 CROATIA – Zadar w/ Ljubiša Samardžić

09.10 ITALY – Vicenza