2012 is gone. 2013 has come.


Ok. It’s been quite long we don’t write anything in here.

A lot of thing happened in the last few months.

We went on our fourth tour and it was amazing!! We played some great shows with some great bands, we met cool people and we visited a bunch of awesome cities. 
Thanks to all the promoters in Graz, Wien, Augsburg, Prague, Leipzig, Berlin, Hameln, Amsterdam, Koln, Mannheim. A special thank to Giulia (our tour mom), Holy and Light Up (for playing three shows with us and for being good friends),Matando Gueros (best young powerviolence band ever), Minutes and all the other bands we played with.
And thanks to all the people who came at shows.
Can’t wait to be on tour again.

After that we played a crazy new eve night party show at my place (Olly) together with Holy, Light Up and Death By Pleasure. What a great night!! 

…and 2012 is gone.

Now…we in 2013, a new year has come, and blablabla. Who cares?

We are writing new stuff for our upcoming release that should be a LP we want to have out as soon as possible (it means before the end of the year, ahahah). So if any label could be interested in releasing it, just contact us. 

In Spring we will go on tour again from 25th of April to 10/12th of May. We are really excited to go west ‘till Portugal, crossing Switzerland,South France and Spain. Soon we will post all the infos. Btw we still have some free dates, so if you want to help us just write at rebirthhcbooking@gmail.com or leftinruinshc@gmail.com. Any help is really appreciated. 

In the next months we won’t be able to play a lot of show (fuck work!!), but the ones we are playing are more than great…

Friday 1st February // Trento,Sala Coni Zugna w/ This Routine Is Hell (nl), Daggers (be)

Sunday 3rd February // Vicenza, Ex Bocciodromo w/ Birds In Row (fr), La Crisi, Hierophant

Saturday 16th of February // Milano, Ligera w/ Holy (new lp release party!!), Caino, Campus Stermini, Scena

we have some more to be confirmed…if you want us to play in your city on Sunday just hit us up.

See you captains.


PS. We are planning a Summer Tour too, so if you want us to play in your city, at your festival or in your basement, just write us.