Yo friends, captains and punx…
is a long time since we do not write on this blog. we’re too lazy.

the first thing I would point is that our new EP “Breathless, Restless, Hopeless” is out on Aim Down Sight Records and you can order it here:
our copies arrive in a few days, hopefully.
thanks so much to Matthias for believing in us.

and this is said.

now … we came back a few weeks ago from our summer tour. it was simply amazing!!
probably one of the best experiences in our lives. we have seen incredible places where we would never have been, we met so many nice people, we played unforgettable concerts , we ate delicious food (thanks turkey for having cig kofte), we drove for endless hours, we went to the sea, the lake, the acquapark, we have heard hundreds of times the RVIVR album and the idiot italian song “Domani”, we crossed many borders without having any problem, we have been in asia (we played in eskisehir, on the Asian side of the turkey)…there are too many stories to tell, too many memories, too many moments we will never forget.

so thank to all the people who have given us the opportunity to spend four awesome weeks. thanks to all the boys and girls who booked us a show, which cooked for us, who hosted us, all the people who came to our shows, all the bands we played with, everyone who bought us some merch .

a special thanks goes to Zamba and Negro for playing bass with us and being such great friends, Silvia for taking care of me when I injured my ankle on the first show, Hannes for being himself and to the Sfringuz for bringing us good luck. we love you.

now we are all back to real life, the usual routine, those who work, those who study, those who do nothing, but all with the nostalgia of the van.
next shows will be on September 21, then we will do a weekender in Germany on October 19,20,21. we started booking our new tour from November 30 to December 9. if you want to play in your basement or living room, give us a shout.
in the meantime, we will write new songs.

see you on the road captains.