raw hardcore from italy


Hey captains and punx, we have some news for you…

In less than two weeks we are leaving for our Spring tour.
Our beloved friend Negro will play the bass and Luchino will help us driving and selling merch (we want your money punx).
Check the dates and come to the shows if you can.

25.04 Innsbruck, Austria @ PMK
26.04 Winterthur, Switzerland @ GGS31
27.04 Geneve, Switzerland @ le Moloko
28.04 Saint-Etienne, France @ Assommoir Pub w/ Slux, Gethen
29.04 Bordeaux, France @ L’Heretic Club w/ The Washingtonians, Vautour
30.04 Erandio (Bilbao), Spain @ Sentinel Rock
01.05 Gijon, Spain @ Cafè Damm
02.05 Leon, Spain @ Retrovisor
03.05 Porto, Portugal @ tba
04.05 Lisboa, Portugal @ Clube Recreativo dos Anjos
05.05 Madrid, Spain @ La Leyenda w/ Eros+Massacre, Dirty Habits
06.05 Barcelona, Spain @ tba w/ Decisions, Agent Attitude
07.05 Toulouse, France @ Le Saint Des Seins w/Citizen Patrol, Agent Attitude
08.05 Montpellier,France @ Up and Down
09.05 Marseille, France @ La Salle Gueule w/ Traces Of You
11.05 La Spezia, Italy @ Mayday
12.05 Parma, Italy @ Circolo Arci Mc Queen w/ Minus Tree

As you can see we still need a show in Southen France or Italy due to a show cancelled in Nice (France). If we can’t find anything we will chill somewhere near to the sea and fuck you!

In the meantime we started recording our upcoming Lp. We don’t know anything about it (title, artwork, releasing date, label(s) involved, etc.) but we are not in hurry and we will take our time.
Keep calm.

What else? …yeah, we are going to tour Central Europe again in July. More about it in the next days. We are pretty excited about it. We are going to film a video for a new song in the end of May and we are playing a few shows in Italy after the spring tour, but who cares??

So see you on the road. 

we are cool. we have a bandcamp now!! 


2012 is gone. 2013 has come.

Ok. It’s been quite long we don’t write anything in here.

A lot of thing happened in the last few months.

We went on our fourth tour and it was amazing!! We played some great shows with some great bands, we met cool people and we visited a bunch of awesome cities. 
Thanks to all the promoters in Graz, Wien, Augsburg, Prague, Leipzig, Berlin, Hameln, Amsterdam, Koln, Mannheim. A special thank to Giulia (our tour mom), Holy and Light Up (for playing three shows with us and for being good friends),Matando Gueros (best young powerviolence band ever), Minutes and all the other bands we played with.
And thanks to all the people who came at shows.
Can’t wait to be on tour again.

After that we played a crazy new eve night party show at my place (Olly) together with Holy, Light Up and Death By Pleasure. What a great night!! 

…and 2012 is gone.

Now…we in 2013, a new year has come, and blablabla. Who cares?

We are writing new stuff for our upcoming release that should be a LP we want to have out as soon as possible (it means before the end of the year, ahahah). So if any label could be interested in releasing it, just contact us. 

In Spring we will go on tour again from 25th of April to 10/12th of May. We are really excited to go west ‘till Portugal, crossing Switzerland,South France and Spain. Soon we will post all the infos. Btw we still have some free dates, so if you want to help us just write at rebirthhcbooking@gmail.com or leftinruinshc@gmail.com. Any help is really appreciated. 

In the next months we won’t be able to play a lot of show (fuck work!!), but the ones we are playing are more than great…

Friday 1st February // Trento,Sala Coni Zugna w/ This Routine Is Hell (nl), Daggers (be)

Sunday 3rd February // Vicenza, Ex Bocciodromo w/ Birds In Row (fr), La Crisi, Hierophant

Saturday 16th of February // Milano, Ligera w/ Holy (new lp release party!!), Caino, Campus Stermini, Scena

we have some more to be confirmed…if you want us to play in your city on Sunday just hit us up.

See you captains.


PS. We are planning a Summer Tour too, so if you want us to play in your city, at your festival or in your basement, just write us.


Southern Germany has been amazing!!! Thanks for the great time. Can’t wait to come back in December.

In the next weeks we have some great shows:

28.10 Bologna @ XM24 w/ Heartless (usa), You Suck, Lamantide

31.10 Saronno @ Telos w/ Attrito, Campus Stermini, Ofu

01.11 Liedolo (Tv) @ Punky Reggae Pub w/ TBA

03.11 Marghera (Ve) @ Pop Corn w/ Attrito, Congegno, Dressed Farts, Pastenesoppaltate

25.11 Albignasego (Pd) @ Trattoria Milanstardust w/ Minkions, Vetro, Cedv, more

30.11 – 09.12 European Tour

Can’t wait!!!

Germany tomorrow!!

Tomorrow we will leave for three shows in Southern Germany. It’s quite a bit we don’t play shows and we are pretty excited to go back to Germany and meet some old and new friends and party with them.

Friday 19th Regensburg @ LEDERER w/ Power,Bob Rooney

Saturday 20th Passau @ Zakk w/ Goldust, Whiters

Sunday 21st Munchen @ Kafe Marat w Abyss AD, Power, Grizzly Tours


Next shows:

28.10 Bologna @ Xm24 w/ Heartless (Usa), You Suck, more

31.10 Saronno @ Telos (HALLOWEEN PARTY) w/ Attrito, Ofu, Campus Stermini, more

1.11 Liedolo (TV) @ Punky Reggae Pub w/ TBA

3.11 Marghera @ Pop Corn Club w/ Attrito, Congegno, Dressed Farts, Pastenesoppaltate (HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIFF!!!)

30.11- 9.12 EUROPEAN TOUR!!!


Yo friends, captains and punx…
is a long time since we do not write on this blog. we’re too lazy.

the first thing I would point is that our new EP “Breathless, Restless, Hopeless” is out on Aim Down Sight Records and you can order it here: http://aimdownsightrecords.com/album/breathless-restless-hopeless-ep
our copies arrive in a few days, hopefully.
thanks so much to Matthias for believing in us.

and this is said.

now … we came back a few weeks ago from our summer tour. it was simply amazing!!
probably one of the best experiences in our lives. we have seen incredible places where we would never have been, we met so many nice people, we played unforgettable concerts , we ate delicious food (thanks turkey for having cig kofte), we drove for endless hours, we went to the sea, the lake, the acquapark, we have heard hundreds of times the RVIVR album and the idiot italian song “Domani”, we crossed many borders without having any problem, we have been in asia (we played in eskisehir, on the Asian side of the turkey)…there are too many stories to tell, too many memories, too many moments we will never forget.

so thank to all the people who have given us the opportunity to spend four awesome weeks. thanks to all the boys and girls who booked us a show, which cooked for us, who hosted us, all the people who came to our shows, all the bands we played with, everyone who bought us some merch .

a special thanks goes to Zamba and Negro for playing bass with us and being such great friends, Silvia for taking care of me when I injured my ankle on the first show, Hannes for being himself and to the Sfringuz for bringing us good luck. we love you.

now we are all back to real life, the usual routine, those who work, those who study, those who do nothing, but all with the nostalgia of the van.
next shows will be on September 21, then we will do a weekender in Germany on October 19,20,21. we started booking our new tour from November 30 to December 9. if you want to play in your basement or living room, give us a shout.
in the meantime, we will write new songs.

see you on the road captains.


Summer is beautiful

We came back from our second European Tour with Crop Circles and it has been amazing!!

We had so much fun. We met so many nice people all around Europe, we had the chance to visit places and cities we’ve never been before, we ate too much vegan delights, we played some crazy shows in some crazy venue with crazy crowds, we had great parties, we slept in the biggest squat we’ve ever seen (have you ever been in a huge squatted shopping center? we did in Brighton), we didn’t have problems with the van and borders, we lost our new shoppers somewhere in the Uk, we didn’t get our new tapes in time (but we have it now!!), Matt (the philosopher) enjoyed this experience too, we got the style!!! 

We would like to thank all the people that made all this possible. Thanks so much. We love you all!!

Maybe in some months we will have a cool video of our tour.


Now some news. 

We have some new t-shirts, new tapes (thanks to Mustard Mustache Rec, Lo-Fi Lo-Life, Annoying Records, Stupid Kids Rcds and La Terraurla) and patches.

We finished recording our new 7-tracks Ep called “Breathless, restless, hopeless” and it will be out on 7″ at the beginning of July.
Szymon Siech (http://uberretard.tumblr.com/) is working on the artwork.


If you want to help us releasing it, just write us an email.  


We got some shows cancelled in the last weeks and we were really sad about it, but we are going to play some amazing gigs in the next months and we are pretty excited.

22.06 FUCK SHOES FEST II @ Campel – Trento, Italy
w/ Hammers (uk), Agent Attitude (swe), Upward, Fugitive and more

06.07 SOLILARM FESTIVAL  @  Hasenheide – Aldrans, Austria
w/ many bands

07.07 @ Hirscheneck – Basel, Switzerland
w/ Coke Bust (usa), Moms On Meth (fr)

and then on tour again!!!

14.07 CROATIA Zupanja @ Sawa Fest w/ DRI, Vitamin & more

15.07 AUSTRIA Graz @ Sub w/ Unveil, Run With The Hunted



18.07 [DAY OFF]

19.07 CZECH REP Pilsen @ Klub Kapsa 

20.07 [FLUFF] we are not playing 
21.07 [FLUFF] we are not playing
22.07 [FLUFF] we are not playing

23.07 CZECH REP Praha 

24.07 GERMANY Zwickau 

25.07 GERMANY Kamen w/ The Tangled Lines

26.07 GERMANY Berlin 

27.07 POLAND Krakow @ Fort Bronowice w/ Violent Action 

28.07 SLOVAKIA Bratislava 

29.07 HUNGARY Budapest

30.07 SERBIA Zrenjanin

31.07 ROMANIA Sibiu 

01.08 ROMANIA Bucharest 

02.08 BULGARIA Plovdiv 

03.08 TURKEY Istanbul 


05.08 GREECE Tirnavos @ Arm Your Desires Fest

06.08 GREECE Athen (TBC)


08.08 ITALY HELP!!

09.09 ITALY Livorno @ Cavern

10.09 ITALY Cesena (TBC)


Can’t wait to leave on tour again and drive through new countries. We are pretty excited to play in Greece, Turkey and East Europe. It’s going to be insane! 

Summer is beautiful. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foeZROfn90s (this is for our friend Michael)


Hey, last Sunday (6th of May) we played with Vitamin X and it was a blast. Thanks to everyone who showed up and moshed as hell!!

What’s up next??

Our second european tour with our brothers CROP CIRCLES. Can’t wait to leave on Friday and drive all around Europe.

11.05 GER Munich @ Kafe Marat


13.05 NL Nijmegen @ De Ondebroek

14.05 BEL Ostend @ Jh Ohk

15.05 UK Brighton @ Cowley Club

16.05 UK Bristol @ The Croft

17.05 UK Nottingham @ The Navigation

18.05 UK London @ The Grosvenor

19.05 FRA Paris @ La Cantine

20.05 GER Augsburg @ Ballonfabrik

As you can see we still need a show on Saturday 12th of May due to the cancellation of our show in Aachen (Ger), so if you can help us, do it!

see you on the road!

flyer croplir3

EUROTOUR w/ Crop Circles

always the same shit

Last Sunday (1st of April) we organized and played a HouseShow with Dean Dirg from Germany. It was so sick!!! Hope to play more shows like that one (maybe next time not at my place).

Tonight we are going to play near to Vicenza (Italy). We were added at the last minute, ‘cause our good friends in Congegno can’t make it. Maybe we will play some new songs, who knows. Well see ya tonight. MOSH! (ahahah)

On Monday we start recording our new Ep. Cap (drums) is first, hope everything will be ready at the end of the month. If you run a label and you would like to help us in releasing the new 7″ just contact us. leftinruinshc@gmail.com

Take care.


PS. The artwork for our tapes is done, so in a few weeks we hope to have them!